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A Kansas City Barber bringing value to the hair industry

Barber Services

Standard Cut - $35

30 minutes

Beard Trim - $20

15 minutes

Clean Up - $20

15 minutes

Buzz Cut - $15

20 minutes

Childs Cut $20

30 minutes

I'm Mike, the Conspicuous Barber

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Michael is a true craftsman, in the age of convenience he’s a throwback to when people invested in their craft, their job. He genuinely cares about the people who come and sit in his chair. I know this first-hand, from years of experience but most clearly from when I had broken my neck and had to have surgery. I think it’s easy to imagine for anyone reading this how I was not feeling at my best, but I wanted to look good. I’d known Micahel for a long time at that point and he proactively reached out to me and asked what he could do to help lift my spirits. He made a barber housecall, probably seems like a pretty simple act but it was an act that lifted me a little bit.

There might be plenty of places to get a haircut, but in my estimation, there is nowhere else to get a quality barber job where there’s a truly great person that stands behind that chair and cares about you and your day to day journey. I always get compliments on my hair and/or beard being style well and I never have a bad time spending some minutes in the chair shooting the breeze with Mike. We might have a deep life conversation, we might talk about the latest HBO shows or everything in between. Do yourself a favor, elevate your barbershop experience and go see a good man who’s going to give you the best cut you’ve ever had.

Matt Kiefer

Mike is an extremely talented barber. He is able to take your ideas/vision and make your hair and beard look great every single time. He is a great guy and is always in for a good conversation. His shop is very nice, in a great location, and has plenty of parking. I have been trusting Mike with my hair and beard trims for many years and look forward to continuing our relationship for many more!

Eric Blue

My son has been getting his hair cut by Michael for awhile now. I like that Michael talks directly to my son about his hair, how he would like to present to the world. Each time he comes through with fresh cut that my son feels proud about for weeks. During our last visit, I jumped in the chair after my kid. With very little input Michael crafted a cut that was inherently me. I highly recommend his shop.

Manuel Clark

This is the best barbershop in KC! Mike's fade is a real art. He is consistent, experienced, great environment, and always fun conversations. Scheduling online ahead of time is super easy. If I could grow a beard to trim, I am sure those would be great too.

Andy Butler

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